Ejaculation By Command Review

Ejaculation By Command Review – Does It Work Or A Scam?

Confidence in men is a tapestry woven from various threads, one of which is societal perception. Take, for example, a man of means or a man who boasts a fit physique and a comely countenance. In this article, you will get honest ejaculation by command review, which will surely be helpful in many ways to enhance your sexual activities.

Ejaculation By Command Review

To the outside observer, this man exudes confidence, and this can send signals to women about his potential as a reproductive partner.

However, a man who seems confident on the surface may actually shy away from sexual encounters, despite attracting female interest.

Why might this be? It could be that he recognizes that his confidence is a facade and that when it comes to physical intimacy, his body betrays him by ejaculating prematurely.

To truly exude confidence in the bedroom, a man must learn to master his ejaculation response. This is where the program “Ejaculation By Command” comes in, as it aims to empower men to control their ejaculation and, in turn, boost.

What Is The Ejaculation By Command?

The Product

Ejaculation By Command, created by Lloyd Lester, is a comprehensive system designed to tackle the issue of premature ejaculation in men.

Among the various premature ejaculation programs available to the public, Ejaculation By Command stands out as one of the most effective. The program comes with 125+ pages of PDF format information that is easy to read and understand, providing users with a clear and easy-to-follow guide to alleviate premature ejaculation.

The program begins by educating users on the causes of premature ejaculation and how it can affect a man’s self-esteem and relationships. It then goes on to provide a variety of techniques and strategies that can be used to improve sexual stamina and control ejaculation.

These techniques include exercises for strengthening the pelvic muscles, mental techniques for achieving greater control over-arousal, and methods for increasing the sensitivity threshold.

One of the unique aspects of Ejaculation By Command is that it focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects of premature ejaculation. The program not only provides exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles and increase the sensitivity threshold but also provides techniques to control thoughts and emotions that can contribute to premature ejaculation.

This holistic approach ensures that users are able to address both the physical and psychological causes of their premature ejaculation.

The Ejaculation By Command program also includes a wealth of resources and tools, including audio tracks, videos, and a private members area where users can ask questions and receive support from other men who have used the program.

With Ejaculation By Command, users can finally put an end to their premature ejaculation problem and regain confidence in their sexual abilities.

Author Of The Ejaculation By Command

Lloyd Lester is a well-known expert in the field of sexual education and enhancement. Lloyd’s personal experience with premature ejaculation led him to spend several years researching and learning about the ejaculation process.

One of Lloyd’s most popular products is “Erection By Command,” which is designed to overall provide authentic help to men to reduce erectile dysfunction. He also created “Orgasm By Command,” which will give you an understanding of the inner nature of the female and achieve orgasms with their partners.

Both of these products are based on Lloyd’s extensive knowledge and experience, as well as his use of mental enhancement strategies deep seduction, and influencing techniques.

With his programs, couples can learn how to enhance their sexual satisfaction and deepen their connection with one another. Lloyd’s dedication to helping couples improve their sex lives has made him a respected and trusted authority in the field.

How Does The Ejaculation By Command Work?

Understanding the Process of Arousal and Ejaculation

The program begins by providing a detailed understanding of the process of arousal and ejaculation, including information on the additional blood flow and breathing techniques that lead to the “falling off the cliff” situation.

It also covers the increases in hormones that eventually lead to ejaculation. This information is crucial for men to gain control over the aspects that trigger ejaculation.

Moreover, ejaculation By Command is a comprehensive program that provides men with the information and techniques they need to gain control over their ejaculatory response.

The program is simple and provides detailed information on the process of arousal and ejaculation, as well as step-by-step instructions for achieving self-control and improving sexual stamina with a partner.

Additionally, the program stresses the importance of focusing on the woman and provides advice on foreplay and oral sex to improve the sexual experience for both partners.

What is Inside

What Is Included In The Ejaculation By Command?

When you get full access to the program, there are multiple things that guide you step-by-step to arouse and perform better in bed. Here are some best techniques that you will get only in the ejaculation by command program, which include:

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Ejaculation Control Techniques
  • Partner Work
  • Focus on Partner
  • Diet and Endurance

These are the techniques that will be helpful to improve your overall sexual activities in bed with your desired partner. However, it is better to distract your mind in order to control the chances of premature ejaculation.

According to studies, if you think that you are going to ejaculate in a few seconds and you instantly change your mind thoughts, then it will be helpful to delay your ejaculation. It is the core thing that can help you stay longer as much as you want with your desired partner in bed.

Bonuses Included With The Ejaculation By Command:

When you purchase Ejaculation By Command, you receive not only the main 135-page document but also get multiple bonuses. The information on these bonuses is listed below with depth details:

Secrets of Female Orgasm

With the help of this bonus part, you will get deep details about women, and how to shake their legs with the full desire for orgasms.

It is not an easy thing to do for almost every man, but once you know this technique, you will surely enjoy your time in bed with your desired partner. Moreover, the g-spot is the core thing that gives you inner satisfaction to your women while their bodies are fully naked.

More than 5 Sex Positions

Top 10 Sex Positions is a book that covers the best sex positions that help drive her wild. It offers a comprehensive guide on how to improve your sexual life.

Top Secrets of Raunchy Sex

Raunchy Sex Secrets is a PDF book that provides men with the information they need to supercharge their sex lives and become more devoted lovers.

Informational Oral Sex Videos

With this bonus guide, you will get an idea of how to fully arouse your desired girlfriend or wide, in no time. You will get deep secret technique information in this bonus part, which will be helpful to arouse your desired women at any time you want.

The Ejaculation By Command Review – The Pros And Cons:

  • Safe to use
  • Ejaculation by command is simple to use
  • Positive reviews from previous customers
  • Refund opportunity, which will be valid for days
  • You can learn in-depth details about arousal techniques
  • Lost cost or pocket-friendly
  • Give you an understanding of how you can control yourself in bed
  • Multiple bonuses are available, which come with the program without any cost
  • And much more…
  • Will take time to give you a positive outcome
  • You need to practice its techniques


Q: What is Ejaculation By Command?

Ans: Ejaculation By Command is a program that teaches men techniques for controlling ejaculation and increasing sexual stamina through a combination of solo and partner exercises.

It includes a 135-page guide and additional bonuses such as Raunchy Sex Secrets, Female Orgasm Secrets, G-Spot Orgasm Secrets, instructional oral sex videos, and a guide on the top 10 sex positions.

Q: What techniques can I learn by Ejaculation By Command?

Ans: Ejaculation By Command teaches several ejaculation control techniques, including the classic start and stop method.

It also includes information on correct breathing techniques, focusing on the right kind of body sensations, and focusing on the partner rather than yourself. Additionally, it includes advice on foreplay, oral sex, and positions that may help increase stamina.

Q: What are the additional bonuses included with Ejaculation By Command?

Ans: The additional bonuses included with Ejaculation By Command are Raunchy Sex Secrets, Female Orgasm Secrets, G-Spot Orgasm Secrets, instructional oral sex videos, and a guide on the top 10 sex positions.

These bonuses provide additional information and tips on how to improve your sex life, achieve powerful orgasms, and satisfy your partner.

Final Words


Ejaculation by Command is a comprehensive guide to improving ejaculation control for men. It offers a range of effective techniques that can be practiced alone or with a partner, as well as a quick start guide for easy reference.

Additionally, the guide includes a useful tactics book for immediate adjustments to sexual techniques. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Ejaculation by Command is a solid choice for gaining greater control over your ejaculation.

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