Can Low Testosterone Cause Premature Ejaculation

How Can Low Testosterone Cause Premature Ejaculation

Most people don’t know the reasons which cause premature ejaculation, but low testosterone is the common reason according to medical studies. Are you worried that can low testosterone cause premature ejaculation or not?

Keep in mind that testosterone is a powerful and major sex hormone which have various significant and clear role in your sexual function to cure premature ejaculation. So if you have low testosterone levels that it may give you bad impacts such as erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire.

However, low testosterone is not the only main cause of premature ejaculation according to different research. We outline some important information through which you can get an understanding that how to enhance or control your low testosterone levels and much more things. So let’s get into further information!

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a stage in which a man can’t fully control and ejaculate quickly after penetration. In premature ejaculation, you may be doing sex without any feeling of control, and this way it can distress your partner in many ways.

However, there is not any single authentic reason which shows the cause of premature ejaculation, but low testosterone levels are also one of the main reasons.

Moreover, keep in mind that premature ejaculation is considered the most common sexual dysfunction in almost every man. But the good thing is that there are still natural techniques that can help you to get back healthy and strong sexual life in your bed.

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone:

The below listed are the most common lower testosterone level symptoms. Make sure to treat this sexual dysfunction on time, otherwise, it can be more worsen.

1. Lack of hair growth

Undoubtedly, hair loss is the most common symptom of low testosterone levels which can happen in most men.

The reason behind hair loss is the hormones which are mainly responsible for the features which cause hair loss. Moreover, low testosterone levels are directly linked to an inability to the low growth of adequate facial hair.

Furthermore, keep in mind that too much testosterone levels also cause hair, so it is important for you to maintain or check your testosterone levels after a specific time.

2. Diminished sex drive

Keep in mind that testosterone levels are the primary hormonal activity that controls men’s sexual drive. If you have low testosterone levels, then you may face less sexual interest.

However, if you are older than the age of 30 then your testosterone levels will gradually decline. Moreover, if you have a high level of anxiety and stress, then these are the common cause of low testosterone levels.

3. Decrease in Semen

As you know testosterone is naturally produced in the testicles, just like the production of sperm. According to a study, testosterone is completely responsible for the prostate. However, if your testosterone levels are low then the overall sperm collection will also be reduced.

It is because sperm can not be produced when you have low levels of testosterone.

4. Irregular Mood

Keep in mind that if you feel an instant change in your moods, then the hormones of your body are responsible for it. The thyroid-stimulating hormone can result in frequent mood changes.

Furthermore, it is common that low testosterone levels bring depression and sadness in the behavior of most men. It is really difficult to manage your mood if you don’t work on proper treatment.

5. Tiredness

If you feel tiredness and chronic fatigue in your daily life routine, then it is a common symptom of low testosterone levels. You may feel a lack of sleep quality or may wake up before time, these are the common signs of low levels of testosterone.

It is because you have poor energy levels, which push you to get tired even after short or lightweight work. However, by properly maintaining your daily life routine you can easily maintain better and more powerful health which can be more productive.

Also, with this perfect routine, you can enhance your sexual stamina and get your energy back. As you know our body hormones depend on each other, so if you have low testosterone levels then it may be directly affected by the high level of cortisol.

Core Factors Which Affect Ejaculation:

Undoubtedly, it will be more helpful for you when you understand the major factors of ejaculation. In this way, you can easily cure or take proper treatment to prevent ejaculation.

But the real problem is that there is not any specific reason through which you can enhance your testosterone levels and at the same time prevent premature ejaculation. But the most common and well-known causes of premature ejaculation are listed below, which include:

  • Prostate
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hormones
  • The central nervous system

Will Testosterone Enhance Sexual Performance?

Keep in mind that testosterone is the core thing through which you perform well or badly in your bed.

Also, if you have low testosterone levels then you face issues in your sexual drive and this will go the same if the testosterone levels are higher than normal value.

However, testosterone replacement therapy will surely help you to reduce the symptoms of low testosterone and also get better erections for longer periods.

Also, many suggestions for taking specific natural foods can help you to maintain your testosterone levels effortlessly. Make sure to try testosterone replacement therapy if the levels of your testosterone are not at normal values.

Can Low Testosterone Cause Premature Ejaculation:

Well, low testosterone levels are directly related to premature ejaculation. Keep in mind that premature ejaculation happens when you have control over your normal ejaculatory, but suddenly you ejaculate early and can’t perform well in bed. So erectile dysfunction develops premature ejaculation and this is the most common in men nowadays.

Premature ejaculation happens if a man is in hurry and gets more excited to penetrate that sexual moment and then accidentally gets ejaculated prematurely. So if you don’t give proper care or treatment for premature ejaculation, then it is really difficult to reverse it.

Moreover, low testosterone levels are commonly caused by higher levels of anxiety and stress. Bad sexual performance is one of the most common and leading causes of premature ejaculation. So it is better to control your anxiety and stress if you want to maintain healthy and good testosterone levels.

Can Low Testosterone Cause Premature Ejaculation – Closing Thought:

Erectile dysfunction is completely related to premature ejaculation. In this situation, men can’t control their excitement and get penetrated too early and it will affect your relationship in many ways.

However, you can take multiple low testosterone levels therapy through which you can easily get healthy testosterone levels.

But make sure to reduce your anxiety and stress, because these are the known reasons which can badly affect your sexual performance.

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