Symptoms Of Venous Leak

Symptoms Of Venous Leak In Erectile Dysfunction & Treatment

One of the major and core causes of ED is a venous leak. This dangerous disease can be done by improper diet or some other genetic problem, but proper treatment can heal your ED in time.

Most physicians are concerned about venous leaks, and medical research says it can be cured by medication in the early stages of surgery as the last option to tackle this venous leak.

Detail About Venous Leak:

When you are having intercourse with your partner the blood flow in your penis should be increased and its outflow should decrease, then it is known as normal intercourse or healthy erection.

When you are facing a severe disease like a venous leak, then the blood in your penis will not able to stay which causes your abnormal erection. If you are men having high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes then venous leak disease is common for all these medical conditions.

If you also have excessive stress and other problems like obesity, then it also causes a venous leak. Almost every time you got an erection, you are not able to control it and lose it quickly.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Venous Leak

Symptoms Of The Venous Leak:

  • Vascular disease – This disease affects your blood vessels which plays important role in most of the body parts. If you have a vascular disease then contraction is common, which means the blood in your penis won’t be able to give you a healthy and strong erection according to your desire. It does not mean that you will not get an erection, but the main thing is that you are not fully capable to hold your erection for long intercourse.
  • Radiation Therapy – If you have cancer disease and you are receiving radiotherapy, then there is a high chance of a venous leak. It means you may face erectile dysfunction with this therapy.
  • Diabetes – You are at high risk of a venous leak if you have diabetes disease. It is because of abnormal sugar levels in your body. Blood circulation throughout your body is not properly working, so problems during erection are common for this disease.
  • Nerve Disorders.
  • Peyronie’s Disease.
  • Anxiety – It is the most popular and major cause of the venous leak and thus you will not have a proper erection during intercourse. Because anxiety attacks your mind grip, which operates the whole blood flow of your body.

How Venous leak Can Be diagnosed:

There are different techniques and methods to diagnose venous leaks easily and efficiently. You don’t need to worry about methods and techniques of diagnosing, because all the processes are done by certified and highly standard doctors to fully examine the manhood effects.

According to medical research, lots of men feel shy to consult their doctors when they have early stages of the venous leak and come to doctors when they no longer sustain a sexual erection. Thus, their sexual life is on the edge of collapse because of the late consultancy. The following are the two main ways diagnose to a venous leak:

1. First method: Cavernosometry Dynamic advance infusion

Through this process, a pump with fluid pushes into the genitalia at a specific pressure. It measures the pressure of vascular blood while erection.

This method tells how severe is a venous leak. In the end, there is some x-ray of you to examine any other leakage around the area of your manhood.

2. The second method: Doppler Ultrasound

If you are trying to get a noninvasive diagnostic then a Doppler ultrasound is for you. The working of this process is that it will take assess to your body’s blood flow through the way of blood arteries.

This process is done by high sound waves known as ultrasound. In a normal ultrasound, you get a picture with the help of sound waves, but you can’t get a picture of blood flow. So, a Doppler ultrasound is best in this case to diagnose better venous leaks.

Treatment of Venous Leak

Best Treatments For The Venous Leak:

1. Therapy

If you are in the early stage of this disease and your only reason for the venous leak is stress, then your doctor surely recommends you take some relaxation yoga or exercises.

Maybe, you would ask to go to a sex therapist for better relaxation. With successful therapy, you and your partner will manage things easily and efficiently

2. Oral medication

There are lots of causes for abnormal erections, but oral medical treatment will inhibit phosphodiesterase which destroys the mono-phosphate. You will be surprised to know about effective examples of this oral medication such as Viagra.

But if you are not in the primary stage of venous leak then it will give you benefit, otherwise, this oral treatment is no effect on your venous leak. You need to consult with your urologist and ask them whether this oral medication will be helpful for you or not.

3. Advance Shock-wave Therapy

It is the most advanced and unique technique to tackle your venous leak. If you want to cure your disease effectively, then shock-wave therapy is the best choice for you. But the most common and popular use of this therapy is used in to treat kidney stones and clogged arteries in your body.

Through this therapy, you will get instantly normal blood flow in your body. So, it gives a high chance to get a normal and long erection during intercourse. From this method, the risk of abnormal blood vessels is also reduced by surprising numbers.

It will also enhance and boost your body tissues in growth, also if your body tissues are damaged then it will repair them effectively. All these benefits are only possible because this therapy is followed by an invasive procedure. So you don’t need to take anesthesia before medical shock-wave therapy. In just 30 minutes, you will all be set to go.

4. Surgery

If noninvasive and oral medication is not fully working on your venous leak then you need to move to the last option which is surgery. There are some surgical treatments for your venous leak:

Reconstructive Penile Surgery

If your venous leak is the result of some kind of trauma then it is the most recommended method of surgery for you. From this surgery method, you will get improvement in your blood and also you can easily maintain a healthy erection according to your own will.

Implant of penile

This is also a great option for you if your venous leak is not going well with oral medication. Through your penis, a penile advance device is implanted in your body to control the erection rigidity.

Final Words

Treating The Symptoms Of Venous Leak In Erectile Dysfunction – Conclusion:

There is some reason behind every severe disease, also there is numerous reason behind erectile dysfunction. One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction is a venous leak, if you have any single symptoms of a venous leak then you urgently need medical consultancy with your doctor. Because lack of sexual satisfaction will loss grip on your confidence.

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