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6 Best Smoothies For Male Enhancement | Juices Formula

Every male in this era wants to get a healthy and powerful lifestyle, through natural ingredients. There are various smoothies for male enhancement, which not only give you powerful sexual pleasure but also improve your body shape.

Do you desperately want to satisfy your partner in bed? If yes, then we give you details of the best smoothies which can enhance your sexual stamina easily.

Keep in mind that male libido plays an important role in male enhancement and it can directly impact your unhealthy lifestyle. But with specific natural smoothies, any man can easily improve their sexual stamina and can stay longer in bed.

So, let’s directly get into the depth of details!

Top 6 Best Smoothies For Male Enhancement -Increase Sexual Drive and Libido:

With the given 10 best smoothies you can easily enhance your sexual stamina and also it helps you to get a perfect body shape.

1. Beetroots Juice

Beets are one of the most healthy and powerful foods for men, which are especially rich in vitamin c and other essential minerals like potassium and manganese. Furthermore, there are multiple immense benefits of using beetroots in your daily life routine.

It generally increases the man’s libido and provides great power. Keep in mind that nitric oxide which is generated by the beetroots aids in the blood flow to the manhood, which makes it stronger.

Moreover, it also provides a sustained and fuller erection. The overall effects of these smoothies are just like the effect of Viagra.

Required Ingredients:

  • Only 1 medium size apple
  • 1 medium-size beetroot
  • 1 medium size lemon juice
  • 20 grams of fresh ginger
  • Celery stalks only 3 pieces
  • Clean water only 1 cup

Directions to make this smoothie:

  • Add one tablespoon of vinegar.
  • Then cut all the vegetables(beetroots) into smaller pieces and then they are ready to blend.
  • Make sure to blend all the material until it gives you a smooth texture.

2. Peruvian Ginseng or Maca

It is the most popular and favorite food in South America. There are various benefits of using this food in your daily life diet, but it gives immense and fantastic benefits to increase testosterone power.

It also boosts the man’s fertility and helps him to stay longer in bed with his partner. Moreover, if you want to enhance your sexual enhancement then you must need to take Maca in your daily diet routine.

Required Ingredients:

  • Frozen bananas only 1 cup
  • Dried Maca powder only 1 tablespoon
  • Almond milk or yogurt only 1 cup or 1/2 cup

Directions to make this smoothie:

  • Make sure frozen bananas are not expired
  • Pour complete one cup of frozen bananas into a desired blender
  • Add almond milk to the blender
  • After adding the almond milk or yogurt, you need to add just one tablespoon of Maca dried powder
  • Blending finish when you get a smooth texture

3. Wolf Berry

The Goji berry or wolfberry is the most common and native to Asia, which has a quantity of anti-oxidant properties in it. The most used of this food is to use as a sexual tonic to enhance or improve sexual stamina or give long sexual time in bed.

According to research, the wolfberry or Goji berry is the best natural way to enhance the levels of testosterone. Moreover, it also improves the overall sexual abilities, and sperm quality, and provides better sexual stamina.

Keep in mind that the consumption of wolfberry is the most powerful and natural way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Required Ingredients:

  • Take one fresh banana and peeled it fully
  • Take 10 grams of clean and fresh ginger
  • Goji berries only 1/2 cup, make sure that goji berries are soaked for a couple of hours
  • Almond milk just one cup

Directions to make this smoothie:

  • Pour all the dried pieces of goji berries into the blender
  • Then add almond milk and diced ginger
  • Continue to blend until it gives you a thick texture in return

4. Pomegranate Juice

Undoubtedly, pomegranates are the juiciest and most powerful food. It has anti-oxidants that increase fertility in lesser time. The best thing about pomegranates is that when you take just one glass of pomegranate then it can enhance testosterone levels by acting as a natural aphrodisiac.

Moreover, if you want to enhance your sexual stamina and desires, then pomegranate is a great food for you.

Required Ingredients:

  • Take 20 grams of ginger
  • Pomegranates seeded in just 1 cup
  • Lemon juice only 1

Directions to make this smoothie:

  • Make sure pomegranates are fresh
  • Pour the pomegranates into a desired blender
  • Then add 20 grams of ginger, but make sure ginger is well chopped
  • Add lemon juice and water to the blender
  • Start blending the material until it gives a smooth texture
  • Add ice to your glass and pour the blended liquid into it.

5. Bananas Smoothie

Magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin A, Potassium, protein, and vitamin C are included in bananas. It is the most powerful and best natural food, which can easily enhance the male libido and improve sexual desire as well.

Moreover, bananas also contain bromelain, which is responsible for the improvements in sexual desire and also reverses impotency in males.

Required Ingredients:

  • Only 10 grams of ginger
  • Medium-sized 2 bananas and make sure to peel
  • Almond milk just 1 cup
  • Celery leaves just 1/2 cup and makes sure to clean or wash the celery leaves, before use.

Directions to make this smoothie:

  • Add diced bananas to the desired blender
  • Then add celery leaves and also add grated ginger
  • Add almond milk and mix the material
  • Make sure to continue blending until you get a smooth texture
  • Your banana smoothie is ready now.

6. Avocado Smoothies

Avocados are rich in folic acids. It enhances your sexual drive in the bedroom. Avocado contains vitamin B, potassium, and other healthy fats, which can help to improve your male libido. Moreover, all these things are a great booster of male hormones within a lesser time.

Required Ingredients:

  • Almond milk just 1 cup
  • Avocado pears 2 large balls and make sure that the seeds of the avocado are removed properly
  • Take ginger only 10 grams
  • Frozen pineapple pieces just 1/2 cup.

Directions to make this smoothie:

  • Add the avocado to the desired blender
  • Then add frozen pineapples pieces
  • After that, add almond milk and ginger to the blender
  • Make sure to continue the blending process until it provides a smooth and thick texture


All the natural smoothies are helpful to increase the male libido and also enhance the sexual drive in a bedroom. Keep in mind is that take smoothies in your daily diet routine.

Bananas smoothies and avocado smoothies are the most powerful and healthy smoothies, which can easily increase the male libido in lesser time.

Smoothies For Male Enhancement – Conclusion:

Natural foods and ingredients are the best things that can easily enhance your body shape and improves male enhancement as well. The above-listed smoothies for male enhancement are the most popular and great source of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy fats.

Moreover, try to take these smoothies once a day and properly add them to your diet routine. After a short period, you will notice its positive effects on your body and also your sexual stamina will also increase, naturally.

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