Penis Glans Enlargement

Purpose Of Penis Glans Enlargement & Treatment | Is It Risky?

Almost every man around the world wants a healthy and powerful penis glans, which can surely enhance the confidence in a man as well as it will helpful for your partner. But in most cases, men face multiple problems with the penis glans and they want to enlarge the head of the penis in different ways.

Are you one of those people who wants to know depth information about Penis Glans Enlargement? If yes, then we will help you to give you authentic and best details, through which you will get an idea that how to enlarge your penis glans or head.

Before taking any step, you just need to read this complete article for a better understanding of your penis glans, and also we will give you multiple details about the treatment of penis head enlargement. So, let’s directly move to the details!

What Is The Penis Glans?

The Penis glans of your body are also called the head of your penis or the tip of your penis, which plays important role in your life. The urethra opening point is also here and from this point of your body your urine exits.

Keep in mind that semen (cum) and pre-ejaculate (precum) also come out from the tip or head of your penis. Multiple body parts are known as sensitive organs or parts of the body, penis glans are also one of the most sensitive parts of the penis.

Purpose Of Penis Glans Enlargement:

According to research, there are three main purposes for penis glans enlargement and these are as follows:

1. Increase in the female sexual pleasure

If you are a married person and want to give sexual pleasure to your female partner, then penis glans play a major role. The overall stimulation of the vaginal walls of the female body is completely determined by contact with the male member.

If the volume of the penis glans is increased then it will also directly increase the contact stimulation, which will promote the ability to orgasm. In this way, your female partner will feel more sexual pleasure in bed with you.

2. Aesthetic enlargement of the penis glans

Keep in mind that an increase in total volume is obtained by 20%. Also, it can be performed singularly or can be combined as the penis enlargement surgery with the technique of lipo peno sculpture.

With the help of the latter operation, it will increase the whole size of your penis but it will not increase the glans. Therefore, it could appear undersized.

3. For the treatment of premature ejaculation

The natural barrier to your sexual pleasure is the presence of hyaluronic acid, which creates internal nerve endings and the outside environment; which will reduce the overall sensitivity of your penis glans.

When the sensitivity is reduced, then it will directly increase the intercourse duration significantly. So, this procedure, on one hand, will help your penis glans volume and on the other side, it will reduce its sensitivity, which is the best way to combat premature ejaculation.

Hypersensitivity Of The Penis Glans:

It is a condition in which males get infections and it can be through genetically. This condition is the most frequent and common cause of premature ejaculation in this century.

With the help of pharmacological therapy, it will only cure the symptoms but keep in mind that it will not cure the causes.

Also, when you stop the treatment and the same problem recurs in a short period. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the best therapy which also gives positive results in a large number of cases. The amazing thing about this therapy is that it’s prolonged in duration.

Treatments For Penis Glans Enlargement:

There are two medical ways through which men can easily increase their penis glans. One is the surgical way and the other is the non-surgical technique. You need to choose the technique according to your preference.

1. Surgical Technique

This technique is well-developed and based on a high-quality procedure, in which a natural material is specially fitted beneath the skin that will leave no scars on your penis. After some time, your penis skin will gradually replace this natural material with its natural tissue.

With the help of this technique, your penis glans enlarges significantly, and also it will reduce the risk of premature ejaculation in a short period. Therefore, the penis glans will retain its original natural shape and become larger in size overall.

Fundamental Consideration:

Keep in mind that the surgical technique of penis glans enlargement only be modified if it’s defined as a small size of the penis from a medical viewpoint. With this technique, you will not get a monster-sized penis.

So, if you are planning for penis enlargement surgery, then you should need to imagine a natural and moderate result. Moreover, with this surgical technique, you will get an increase of 3 cm to 6 cm in your penis glans.

2. Non-surgical Dermal Fillers

It is one of the most popular and reliable procedures for penile augmentation, and in this procedure, dermal fillers are used. This is the same procedure for cheek augmentation or lip augmentation. There are multiple advantages of using fillers over surgical techniques, and some of the advantages are:

  • You will face very little pain during the procedure.
  • Less expensive procedure over surgical technique.
  • Packages of fillers vary from region to region of the world, but most of the packages are from $2000 to $3500.
  • Significantly no downtime. It means your penis will be unwrapped after 2 – 3 days of fillers.
  • There is not any risk, unlike fat grafts. Without any worries or pain, your penis glans will improve.
  • Quick and Reliable procedure. Which will be performed in a short period it will take 45 minutes of the total procedure.
  • With this procedure, you will get a positive outcome within days. The best thing about this procedure is that you can easily decide whether you need more filler or not.


With the help of filler, you will significantly differentiate the overall appearance and size of your penis glans. This is the most recommended procedure for penis glans enlargement and also it has a high satisfactory rate around the world.

Recovery Associated With Penis Glans Enlargement Using Dermal Fillers:

According to the research, most people get positive results a few days after the completion of the first stage. But there is some activity that you need to limit during the dermal filler procedure. Sexual activity is the main thing that you need to stop for at least one week during the procedure.

Moreover, your daily life work routine and other light activity can be continued for at least two days. Keep in mind that if you don’t care about your routine or activity during the procedure then it can cause serious harm to your body parts.

Potential side effects of dermal fillers:

Over the surgical procedure, the dermal fillers’ side effects are light and also they are temporary. It means if you face any side effects during the dermal filler procedure then they are not long-time side effects and these side effects can be discomfort, swelling on the penis area, other skin irregularities, poor placement, cysts, bruising, lumps or bumps, migration of filler, and inflammation of the tissue.

Moreover, keep in mind that these are temporary side effects and this dermal filler procedure is a more reliable technique for penis glans enlargement.


Now, you get all the authentic information and details about the Penis Glans Enlargement. Through this information, you can easily decide whether the surgical technique is better for your penis glans enlargement or the dermal filler technique.

Also, we recommend you dermal filler technique and the reason for this technique is that it has low risky side effects and it is the most reliable and popular technique for penis glans enlargement. But the decision is depend on your preferences, both techniques are safe to use.

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